MOOLANDA Vineyards has a strict hierarchy for our wines based on quality. We make the best wine we can with the fruit that comes into the winery. We do not make wines to fit into a particular brand or product. Instead, at the appropriate time (don’t ask me what it is-when the time’s right, it’s right) we assess the wine and decide where it best fits. If it’s not right for the MOOLANDA Series, it will be assessed for Worker’s or Dog’s Breakfast. If we must think too hard about where or how it fits we don’t bottle it; it goes to bulk sales.


Shattered Rock Shiraz

We only bottle wines as

Moolanda Shattered Rock in

years we deem the fruit

superlative and estimate that

we will only make it every five years or so.


Moolanda Series

The Moolanda Range is our

signature series of wines.

These are wines of great

quality that we are proud to put

under the MOOLANDA name. The

MOOLANDA range typically is

evocative of a sense of place.


Worker's Shiraz

The MOOLANDA Workers range is

our entry level brand.

Affordable high quality wines

that often just don't make the

cut for the MOOLANDA range.

High Quality, everyday drinking

at affordable prices.



Dog's Breakfast

So, Dog's Breakfast?

A bit of this from here and

a bit of that from there. On

their own they could be a dog's

breakfast, but treated with care

and consideration, they taste

bloody delicious